A note from the Chairman

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When I spoke to the Club CEO, Simon Swallow, last week we reflected on the strange year we’ve all been through and I congratulated him and all of the Club’s staff for the way in which they had adapted and shown remarkable dedication in the new working environment forced upon them.

Indeed, the Club’s Vision, Mission and Values, in particular their efforts to provide high quality service regardless of proximity, have shone through the darkness of 2020 and have been the cornerstone of our successful performance.

In a couple of months’ time, we will publish our annual report which will set out the details of our performance and confirm the underlying strength of the Club, your Club. I am, however, minded, writing to you all: brokers, correspondents, re-insurers, bankers, lawyers, other stakeholders and above all each and every Member, to thank you for your support over this period.

I, as a Member, know how difficult it has been to maintain safe operations and in particular safeguarding the welfare of our seafarers who have perhaps had to endure more than anyone the anguish of being away from loved ones in these uncertain times.

Your support is very much appreciated and is never taken for granted. Our teams in Luxembourg, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Athens are there for you when you need support.

I look forward to serving the Club through better times ahead in the knowledge that, given the quality that each and every one of you brings to mutuality, we will all prosper.


Kind regards,


Phil Orme