A guide to Member’s cyber risk cover

    Cyber attacks continue to present a threat to vessels, and their owners and operators. A strong cyber security plan is essential, and the Club provides a range of guidance to help manage Members’ cyber risks. Some commentators wrongly presume that…

    Ship Repairers – Insurance Cover

    In 1994, a case was considered by the Club’s Board which highlighted concern as to the existence or adequacy of the insurance cover of many ship repairers. Two employees of a ship repairer, were contracted by the owner of a…

    What is the Condition Survey Programme?

    Reducing Members’ exposure to claims is central to the function of the Club’s Loss Prevention department. The department is able to fulfil this mandate by proactively addressing areas of concern which are identified by the Club or within the industry.…

    Coronavirus — Singapore branch temporary closure

    The ongoing development of COVID-19 requires that we regularly review our day to day operational practices. From 6 April, following Government instruction, the Singapore branch of the Club will temporarily close with all staff working remotely. This follows the temporary…

    IG circular: Electronic (paperless) trading update

    Electronic Shipping Solutions, Bolero International Ltd., E-Title Authority Pte Ltd., Global Share S.A. (edoxOnline), WAVE and CargoX. This circular informs Members of the approval by the International Group of P&I Clubs (the Group) of CargoX.  Members may recall, as reported…

    Entry into enclosed spaces risk assessment (Chinese)

    进入密闭空间是一项至关重要的操作,如果不勤勉地进行,可能会严重危害进入密闭空间的人员的安全。 密闭空间进入程序是一个不需要介绍的问题。多年来,由于经常发生导致死亡的事件这,这一个问题得到了广泛的行业报道。 因此,这导致了法规的引入,船舶程序,培训课程以及关于该问题的大量现有文献。 本会也对这些资源有所贡献,制作密闭空间进入手册,密闭空间进入海报,和一些案例研究。 然而,尽管行业有多努力,我们仍然看到与密闭空间进入操作有关的伤亡。在短短18个月的时间里,本会经历了15个相关索赔事件,其中包括跌倒,窒息,爆炸性烧伤和6人死亡。这些令人震惊的统计数据促使本会对密闭空间进入操作做了一份风险评估样本,提醒我们的会员。 本指导文件涉及与密闭空间进入操作相关的各种危险,密闭空间进入要求以及在实施控制措施时要考虑的更详细的要点,以尽量减少风险。 本会希望重申,会员的岸上管理能发挥着重要作用,提供适当协助给船员,因为安全的密闭空间作业只能通过这种共同努力才能实现。这种协助的方式可以是协助船上密闭空间的识别,并验证在船上是否有明确标记。管理还应确保提供诸如气体探测器,个人气体监测器和救援设备等基本设备,以协助安全进入作业。此外,确保船上有足够数量的船员是促进安全操作的关键,没有不必要的时间/商业压力,船员能够应对紧急情况(如果有的话)。这些措施将大大有助于巩固成员在船上提供安全工作环境的承诺。 本会希望强调,此风险评估仅供参考作用,运营商必须根据其个人操作程序进行自己的风险评估。 我们相信会员认为本指导文件很有用,如果需要进一步的帮助,请联系防损小组。

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