Code of Conduct

We take our Corporate Responsibilities (CR) very seriously. It is the way in which we seek to add value to our organisation’s activities by ensuring that our operations have a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy.

We work with our stakeholders to achieve this goal by establishing and maintaining a proactive approach through various actions so as to address both our interests and those of the wider society and our communities.

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Code of Conduct

At Shipowners Club (the “Club”) we are committed to being the partner of choice for our stakeholders by providing a high level of service and support to them when needed. We do this by striving to achieve our Vision ‘Ensuring Piece of Mind’. Instrumental to this ambition is our partnerships with our trusted partners worldwide. Our partners are an extension of the Club and therefore it is imperative to ensure that the standards we set ourselves are reflected in the services they provide.

As a part of our corporate responsibility activities, it is important that we ensure our ethos and ethics, that we strive to achieve,  are understood by our partners and their supply chains. We recognise that working with many different partners worldwide, operating in different environments and under different constraints, embracing these fundamental principles, beyond those mandatory legal requirements, may not be immediately possible. However, as a Club on its own journey towards delivering a coherent corporate responsibility strategy, and as part of our commitment to maintaining our required standards and values across our entire network, we have developed this Code of Conduct.

It is our expectation that our partners will make best efforts to meet or exceed the Club’s Corporate Responsibility Code of Conduct which is structured around the  standards we seek to achieve in all that we do.

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