CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd

CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd (CTRL) is a bespoke Claims, Technical, Risk and Legal service offered to both Members of the Shipowners’ Club (the Club) and non-members on favourable rates and flexible terms. For Members of the Club this rate is further discounted in line with the Club’s mutual ethos.

We recognise that the current marine environment places demands on our Clients:

  • Over stretched in-house legal and technical departments with no option but to seek ever more costly external assistance.
  • The inability to employ cost-effective, knowledgeable and experienced employees.
  • The difficulty of keeping abreast of the ever changing legal framework and marine regulations.
  • The escalating penalties of non-compliance with regulations and law.
  • The rising cost and complexity of claims.

CTRL is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and as such our legal advice is restricted to issues of English law.  However, we can also instruct lawyers in other jurisdictions on our Clients’ behalves and help them to manage cases which include non-English law issues or multiple jurisdictions.

Focus on running your business

CTRL works alongside our Clients in order to provide bespoke solutions for legal and technical issues on flexible payment terms.

CTRL is a service that:

  • Manages Claims, Technical, Risk and Legal (CTRL) matters, allowing Clients to concentrate on the day to day running of their core business without distraction.
  • Supports over stretched in-house legal and technical teams. Works with in-house departments to provide access to cost effective, knowledgeable and experienced staff.
  • Keeps Clients abreast of the ever changing legal framework and marine regulations globally.
  • Has the unique benefit of having no ongoing subscription or commitment for technical services.
  • Provides excellent value. With no equity partners or shareholders to satisfy, CTRL can offer services at very competitive rates. For Members of the Club these rates are further discounted.
  • Will have a positive impact on Club Member’s loss ratios.

In harmony with the Club’s philosophy, we care about our Clients and their individual needs.

CTRL offers traditional and non-traditional P&I services for Clients at a lower cost base2.

Services include:

  • For Clients who are Members of the Club: handling of non covered claims including debt recovery, in depth contract review
    and a legal advice line.
  • For Clients who are not Members of the Club: a full claims handling service including contract review.
  • Practical technical advice.
  • Impact assessments for regulatory and legislative change including trading area research.ƒƒ
  • Extended risk management services:
    • Formation of safety management systems.
    • ‘Secret shopper’ assessments.
    • Bespoke surveys, training and technical advice.
    • Claims risk investigations including causation analysis and benchmarking.
    • Access to an extensive database of industry experts at pre-negotiated favourable rates.

2 Members of the Club should be reassured that services currently provided will remain part of their standard cover and will incur no charge.

CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd is a bespoke service and so, in the first instance, please contact any member of our team who will work with you to assess your individual needs. The first telephone consultation is free.

Helen McCormick

Associate Director

D +44 207 423 3424
E helen.mccormick@ctrlmarinesolutions.com
M +44 7469 856990
S helen.mccormick.ctrl
T +44 207 423 3403

Emma Crompton

Associate Director

D +44 207 423 7118
E emma.crompton@ctrlmarinesolutions.com
M +44 7464 545 437
S emma.crompton.ctrl
T +44 207 423 3403

Louise Hall


D +44 207 423 7123
E louise.hall@ctrlmarinesolutions.com
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S louise.hall4
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Britt Pickering


D +44 207 423 7118
E britt.pickering@ctrlmarinesolutions.com
M +44 7880 350865
S britt.pickering
T +44 207 423 3403

Jane Ward


+44 7710 255817
+44 207 423 3403

Our mission is to provide the best Claims, Technical, Risk and Legal service for our Clients. We are committed to understanding our Client’s unique needs and utilise our commercial experience to deliver bespoke solutions. We will work hard to tailor our services to exceed our Client’s expectations.

At its core, CTRL aims to seamlessly become part of our Client’s teams. We will listen to our Clients, providing them with the service they want and need. We will deliver flexibility, transparency and cost-efficiency in all our actions to foster mutual respect and trust.

To view the CTRL FAQs, please click here.