Enhanced Pre-Employment Medical Examination

Claims related to illness are frequently notified to the Club, with the number of claims reported remaining consistent over the last five policy years and with costs equating to approximately US$ 5.6 million per annum. With this in mind, the Club has developed an Enhanced Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) for crew members.

EPEME medicals are in addition to, and are more thorough than, the medicals required by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 (regulatory medicals) and any other industry medicals that maybe undertaken (e.g. Oil and Gas UK). A large number of the Club’s claims are due to preexisting illnesses, such as heart related problems, that may have been identified during these more extensive medicals and therefore the resulting claims could have been avoided had one been carried out. In fact, of the 21 types of illness that resulted in claims during the last five policy years, 10 would have been recognised and investigated during an EPEME examination.

To maintain the quality and integrity of the EPEME scheme and to ensure consistency, only clinics accredited by the Club should be utilised. Clinics are only approved when they have successfully passed a detailed audit by a trained medical practitioner with experience in EPEMEs. The clinics on the list will be audited annually to ensure standards are maintained.

More information about the EPEME scheme can be found via the links on right hand side of this page or by contacting:

E: peme@shipownersclub.com
T: +65 6593 0420

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