Guidelines for fitness on board merchant ships

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On board ship, the modern way of life is a sedentary one and opportunities for sport and fitness are limited. Even modern ships cannot always meet the needs of today’s seafarers: to do sport and fitness activities. Sports activities on ships have to take into account the general safety measures on board. Ships do not always have sufficient or suitable accommodation or facilities for sport. The strict organisation of work and tasks on board does not leave a lot of time for physical activity.

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This publication is offered to you as part of the Club’s partnership with ISWAN to support their Seafarers Health Information Project (SHIP), an initiative that promotes and distributes health information materials to shipping companies, seafarers’ centres, and direct to seafarers. 

The project consists of 10 core topics: food safety, on-board fitness, safe travel, healthy food, malaria, weight control, STI – HIV & Aids, mental care, dental care and skin care. Explore the other topics