Reissue of sampling procedures for clean product tankers

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Reissue of sampling procedures for clean product tankers bulletin

Category: Operations
Issue date: 14/03/2014
Area: Worldwide

The Club has recently experienced an increase in liquid cargo contamination claims, especially concerning clean product cargoes, whereby the vessels’ crews have failed to efficiently obtain and preserve cargo samples. This in turn has led to difficulty in defending the associated claims.

It has been observed that contributing factors in the majority of claims have been:

  • Cargo samples not drawn at pertinent points, e.g. commencement of loading, at first foot or on completion of loading.
  • Sampling by the cargo surveyor not witnessed by ship,staff and vice versa.
  • Sample bottles not sealed appropriately.
  • Sample bottle labels not countersigned by the survey or and incorrectly labelled.
  • Cargo samples not stowed correctly and not retained as required.
  • Member handing over all sample bottles to external parties without written acknowledgement and without retaining sufficient quantity on board.

We would like to draw our Members’ attention to an earlier Bulletin ‘Sampling procedures for Clean Product Tankers’ issued on 21st February 2008 wherein good practice guidance towards sampling procedures and the management of samples has been detailed.

We recommend that, in order to protect their own interests, our Members should brief their ship board staff on the subject matter and incorporate similar processes into their operating procedures, if not already included.