Navigation Booklet Series

The art of navigation may be second nature to deep-sea mariners, but for those crews who do not use this skill very often it can present some significant difficulties.

Results from the Club’s Condition Survey Programme often highlight a limited understanding of basic navigation practices. Furthermore, the Club is frequently notified of incidents where poor navigation has been the main contributing factor.

To assist Members in mitigating such incidents, the Club has produced a series of booklets which aim to explain the fundamentals of navigation in a simple and concise manner.

The three booklets in the series are:

Loss Prevention: Chartwork and Voyage Planning

This booklet introduces the basics of practical navigation, such as chartwork and voyage planning.



Loss Prevention: Towards Effective Navigation

This booklet is primarily aimed at those mariners who are not fully trained in the art of navigation.



Loss Prevention: Tides

This booklet focuses on tidal calculations and provides examples as well as practice questions on the subject.


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