New biofouling standards issued by MPI of New Zealand


The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) of New Zealand has issued new biofouling standards via the Craft Risk Management Standard (CRMS). These are voluntary until May 2018 following which the new rules will require all international vessels arriving in New Zealand to have a clean hull.

However, in the interim, MPI has started to monitor vessels and take action against those vessels which pose a biofouling risk.The biofouling rules can be found on the MPI website Biofouling management or their guidance document Biofouling on Vessels Arriving to New Zealand.

It is recommended that Members whose vessels will be calling at New Zealand ensure their hulls are clean to the above mentioned standards or arrange for appropriate cleaning to be carried out prior to entering New Zealand waters. Failure to comply with the same can lead to the vessel being penalised by the MPI and ordered to leave New Zealand waters until such time as the hull has been cleaned and certified fit for re-entry into New Zealand waters.

We thank our New Zealand Correspondent Alistair Irving, P&I services, for his contribution to the above article.