Oil Tanker Operations Risk Assessment

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Oil tanker operations are a vast and comprehensive subject and following correct procedures during operations is extremely critical due to the significant impact they can have on life, property and the environment should anything go wrong.

To assist in mitigating the risk involved with this trade, several measures are already in place including regulations governing the carriage of oil and the mandatory requirement for all crew to undergo specialised training courses prior sailing on tankers. However, despite this regulatory framework, the Club continues to be notified of operations related incidents occurring on entered oil tankers.

The above graph shows consistency in claims numbers notified to the Club over the past two years. Further analysis showed that despite extensive training courses, advanced automation and awareness about safety, the human element continues to dominate causation with 85% of attributable claims.

In view of these findings, and to assist Members engaged in tanker trade, the Club has developed a sample risk assessment as part of its ongoing Risk Assessment campaign. This sample risk assessment is not a comprehensive guide to tanker operations. It has been tailored to address the findings of the claims analysis; however, every endeavour has been made to expand the guidance as far as practicable to encompass most of the salient points that go hand in hand with safe tanker operations.

The Club would like to emphasise that this risk assessment is for guidance purposes only and it is imperative that operators conduct their own risk assessments based on their individual operating procedures.

We trust Members find this guidance useful. If further assistance is required please contact the Loss Prevention Team.