Our broker survey results: we are the go-to Club for smaller and specialist vessel insurance.

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The broker survey results are in and they’re overwhelmingly positive. We are thrilled to report the resounding message that the Shipowners’ Club remains “a clear first choice” for smaller and specialist vessel P&I insurance.

Maintaining close relationships with brokers is of the utmost importance to the Club, with almost 100% of the Club’s Membership produced via its broking network. The Club is always looking at ways to adapt, improve and to ensure peace of mind to its brokers and their clients, our Members. It was with that aim in mind that, in the second half of 2021, the Club sent out a detailed survey to brokers. Over 250 brokers took part from 40 regions across the world. The responses provided an invaluable insight into brokers’ priorities and concerns and has allowed the Club to consider ways in which we can do business better and to ultimately provide a better product for its Members.

The results are overwhelmingly positive and the Club is grateful to each broker for providing us with invaluable feedback, both positive and constructive. You can view some of the positive key findings in our infographic here.

It is clear that Shipowners’ remains the expert in smaller and specialist vessel P&I insurance, which was the highest single satisfying element of our business. Brokers also scored the Club highly on a variety of different areas, including its ability to retain a strong team of professionals, the quality of documentation provided, speed of response and, not forgetting, the Club’s ability to build strong relationships with its brokers. In fact, 98% of them said they will continue to recommend the Club to their clients, of which 42% said they will now recommend the Club more. Notwithstanding a challenging few years for so many brokers and Members, 94% of them said the Club’s service has remained the same or improved in the past 12 months, despite COVID-19.

The Club is also recognised for having a great attitude towards the payment of Members’ claims as well as financial stability, which was within the top 5 scorers of performance.

There are, as with all businesses, areas for improvement and development.  The Club prides itself in its ambition to listen and adapt to brokers’ needs and concerns. Above all else, we strive to remain the Club of choice for smaller vessel and specialist P&I insurance and as we look to the remainder of the year, our expert staff in London, Luxembourg, Singapore, Greece, and Hong Kong will continue to provide support to Members and their brokers in order to maintain the trust they have in the Club and to ensure their peace of mind.

If you would like to speak with us to understand the results further or to offer your feedback, please get in touch. Either speak to your day-to-day contact at the Club or contact our marketing team on marketing@shipownersclub.com.