Precuationary guidance when expecting storms

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Tropical storms are a peril of the sea often faced by seafarers. The associated adverse weather may endanger a vessel and put its crew in a  life-threatening situation. With continuous improvements and advancements in weather forecasting technology, accurate weather prediction is now possible most of the time. However, it remains important that weather forecasts are continuously monitored so that in the event of a storm, the necessary steps are taken swiftly to ensure safety of the vessel and crew.

The articles listed below, produced by Marine Insight, provide guidance on necessary measures that should be taken by crew when expecting and encountering storms:

In addition, the Club would also like to draw Members’ attention to ‘Revised guidance to the Master for avoiding dangerous situations in adverse weather and sea conditions’ as produced by the IMO (MSC.1/Circ.1228).

We trust that Members and their vessel crew would find the above guidance useful. The Club welcomes all feedback on this or any other Loss Prevention guidance. Therefore, please feel free to contact the Loss Prevention Team should you have any further queries.