Guidance on the use of armed guards

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The Club has recently witnessed an increase in pirate activity in certain areas of the world. New cases of cargo theft and crew kidnapping have been reported in the Malacca Straits, West Africa and in the Persian Gulf.

Aligned with this new trend, we have seen a renewed interest from some Members in placing armed guards onboard their vessels. The common position of all International Group Clubs, in respect of piracy and the use of armed guards onboard entered vessels, was set out in the Piracy FAQs in 2013. This advice remains accurate and we recommend that all Members refer to this advice in the first instance, when considering the deployment of private security personnel as part of their business.

To supplement the Piracy FAQs, we have now produced a checklist for Members to use, specifically in relation to the use of armed guards: Armed Guard Checklist.

As always, if Members have any questions on this subject, they can speak to their Underwriter as a first point of contact, and the Club will endeavor to assist.