Half Year Report 2016

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The Club has reported results for the six months ended 30 June 2016.

The Club recorded a 98.1% combined ratio, which came in ahead of expectations and generated an overall surplus of US$ 11.8m, increasing the Club’s free reserves to US$ 291.2m. The Club’s investment portfolio was a key contributor to the financial result.

Financial summary:

  • Combined ratio 98.1% (2015: 87.0%)
  • Capital and free reserves US$ 291.2m (2015: US$ 301.8m)
  • Earned premiums US$ 112.8m (2015: US$ 118.0m)
  • Claims costs US$ 72.7m (2015: US$ 63.6m)
  • Underwriting surplus US$ 1.9m (2015: US$ 12.9m)

After careful consideration of the Club’s financial position, the Board decided that no general increase would be applied to premiums for the 2017 policy year. This will be a third consecutive year in which no general increase has been applied.

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Interim-consolidated-balance-sheet Interim-consolidated-income-and-expenditure-account