Liability Insurance Policy for European Inland Craft 2018

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Your policy documentation

When we insure you, you become a Member of the Shipowners’ Club. You will receive a Policy Schedule from EUROP&I setting out the scope of cover and risks insured. Subsequent amendments to cover will be documented by Policy endorsements.

The protection we provide

This policy protects the interests of European inland craft owners and operators including those whose vessels have a specific license to sail coastal and/or estuarine waters for the purpose of reaching European inland waters.

You can expect us to respond to all marine liability claims made against you as the owner or operator of the vessel named on your Certificate of Insurance, other than those we list under ‘What is not covered (exclusions)’ and those claims which are unrelated to owning and operating the vessel we insure for you. The reasonable costs of investigating and defending claims are paid, too.

For any claim to be payable it must arise from an incident which occurs in connection with the operation of your vessel and during the period of insurance stated on your Certificate of Insurance.