Pursuing third-party recoveries with reputable in-house expertise


At the Shipowners’ Club, we pride ourselves on our strong reputation for in-house claims expertise. Our claims handlers have a wealth of experience and work collectively to ensure you enjoy the benefit of this. 

Drawing on our broad knowledge and legal expertise, we look to minimise your exposure from the outset, by promptly and expertly assessing your liabilities and identifying risks. Our aim is always to settle claims at the optimum level for our Members and reimburse them without delay. In fact, our recent brand research exercise revealed that the Club’s attitude towards paying claims is a key cause for satisfaction among our broker network.

Defending our Members

When liability or quantum is in question in respect of a claim brought against one of our Members, we will always look to defend it and to this end we have developed strong contacts with local lawyers across the world.  As an alternative to taking legal action, we also negotiate and pursue alternative solutions with commercial parties and the authorities to resolve claims against our Members.

In-depth knowledge of individual claims

We are proactive and strategic in our approach to claims handling. Our claims handlers will take an active interest in your claim and take the time to examine the detail. They will ask pertinent questions of our correspondents and lawyers to ensure your best interests are being served.

We have compiled case studies for our Members and brokers which detail the cause, outcome and observations for a number of claims. These are available to the right of this page or by using the links below:

Speed and efficiency

When faced with a potential claim, we appreciate that our Members want the reassurance of the Club’s prompt response and involvement from the outset, providing support and coordinating the assistance of correspondents, lawyers and experts as required.  However, at Shipowners, our in-house capabilities go far beyond managing the initial response. When you are faced with a claim, our claims handlers will guide you in the collection of evidence, analyse your contractual liabilities and defences and help you to navigate local law. Our in-house expertise avoids over-reliance on external lawyers and experts and we will challenge unnecessary or inflated costs when this is called for. Our claims handlers aim is always to help our Members maintain control of the situation and achieve the best possible outcome.

Our role in your business

We are part of the shipping industry. Our claims handlers are alive to the commercial pressures facing our Members and the consequences claims can have on business. We also appreciate our Members’ commitment to their crew and we handle crew claims with care, compassion and consistency.

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