Reminder of precautions while loading oil on board

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The Club has continued to record a significant number of oil pollution claims that have occurred during cargo and bunkering operations.

Since the issue of our bulletin Precautions while loading oil on board, in November last year, the Club has been faced with a further 28 claims of oil pollution wherein oil has overflowed from the cargo/bunker tanks. In several cases the oil was not contained on board resulting in pollution. An investigation into these incidents has been further exacerbated by the fact that these claims may have been prevented had the crew adhered to standard operating procedures during operations.

The Club would like to take this opportunity to remind Members of the recommendations made in our earlier bulletin and encourage that these are incorporated into their on board management systems, as applicable. This guidance includes the recommendation to ensure that all appropriate crew are familiar with the standard operating procedures relating to cargo/bunkering operations and appropriate training be imparted as necessary.

We trust Members would find this guidance useful and if further assistance is required please contact the Loss Prevention Team.

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