‘Safe By Design’ – Safety posters for fishing vessels


At Shipowners’ Club, we are committed to driving welfare and safety within our communities. The Club has long been associated with the insurance of fishing vessels. Therefore, to assist our Members and their crew, the Club has partnered with FISH Safety Foundation to provide materials that can be used to raise awareness of safety concerns.

FISH Safety Foundation is an international non-profit organisation, dedicated to improving health and safety outcomes in the global fishing industry. They are committed to providing relevant practical education, access to useful resources and promoting a positive safety culture in the global Fishing Industry.

As part of this partnership, FISH Safety Foundation and the Club have collaborated to produce a range of ‘SAFE by Design’ posters that promote the use of safe systems and procedures.

Working with Machinery

Fishing Gear

Working on Deck

Hand Tools

Refrigeration Systems


We trust that these resources when adopted in conjunction with best practice standards, guidelines and applicable local regulations would assist our Members and their crew to operate more efficiently and safely. The Club welcomes all feedback on this or any other Loss Prevention guidance. Therefore, please feel free to contact the Loss Prevention Team should you have any further queries.