STCW amendment regarding ECDIS training


Following the release of our bulletin Caution on the unauthorised and incorrect use of ECDIS, we would like to highlight a related development regarding the 2010 amendments via circular STCW.7/Circ.18 – 22 May 2012 which will come into force on 1 January 2017. The bulletin has been updated accordingly and the amendments have been highlighted below for your reference.

The amendment states that if there is no evidence to demonstrate that a deck officer has undergone the required ECDIS training, then a limitation will be included on the STCW deck officer endorsement of the Certificate of Competency. Therefore, the Certificate of Competency would not be valid for service on ECDIS equipped vessels. The limitation can only be deleted when the deck officer has satisfactorily completed the required ECDIS course and makes an application to the Certifying Administration for removal of the limitation from the endorsement.

This is a significant step towards ensuring that officers without appropriate training and certification are not allowed to serve on board vessels with an ECDIS and helps to mitigate the possibility of unauthorised and incorrect use of the ECDIS.


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