Steps to positive mental health

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Last month, the Club announced that it would be extending its partnership with the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) to deliver a series of Good Mental Health Guides. The second guide in the series provides proactive Steps to Positive Mental Health.

It is perhaps not surprising that seafarers are susceptible to mental health problems given the considerable challenges of their working lives. Factors such as job stress, family pressures and limited shore leave may all have an impact on a seafarer’s mental wellbeing. The Steps to Positive Mental Health guide provides specific coping strategies that can be easily adopted to reduce stress levels at sea.

The guide includes strategies such as the Helicopter View – a step-by-step worksheet that when completed, endeavours to provide the individual with a different perspective on a stressful situation. The booklet also includes an enlightening section on Mindfulness. This section explains what mindfulness is and how mindful techniques, such as mindful breathing, can be used to combat stress levels.

The Steps to Positive Mental Health guide is primarily aimed at seafarers; however it is also a useful tool for shore side departments, offering insight into how their crews may be affected by stressful situations on board.