The UK Government announces further sanctions against Belarus and amendments to existing measures

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On 5 July 2022, the UK government introduced a new tranche of economic, trade and transport sanctions on Belarus in response to Lukashenko’s support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These sanctions expand on the existing measures introduced against Russia to Belarus. The main changes introduced by the relevant legislation include:

Transport sanctions

The amendments:

  • Prohibit Belarusian and other specified ships from entering ports in the UK.
  • Confer powers on the Secretary of State to control the movement of Belarusian or specified ships, and on the Secretary of State and harbour authorities to detain Belarusian ships or specified ships at ports or anchorages.
  • Prohibit the registration of ships on the UK Ship Register where they are owned, controlled, chartered or operated by a designated person / entity or person / entity connected with Belarus, or where they are a specified ship.

Trade sanctions

The amendments:

  • Implement the ban on the export, supply, delivery, making available and transfer of dual-use items irrespective of whether there is a military end-user.
  • Prohibit the export, supply, delivery, making available and transfer of:
  • critical industry goods and technology (and related services);
  • quantum computing and advanced materials-related goods and technology (and related services); and
  • oil refining goods and technology (and related services).
  • Prohibit the export, supply, delivery and making available of certain luxury goods to, or for use in, Belarus, or to a person connected with Belarus.
  • Widen the existing prohibitions on petroleum products to include a greater range of oils and other products (mineral products).
  • Prohibit the import of arms and related material, iron and steel products and which are consigned from or originate in Belarus.
  • Prohibit the provision of services relating to the import of potash, iron and steel products.
  • Prohibit the provision of technical assistance to ships to, or for the benefit of a designated person / entity in Belarus.
  • Prohibit the provision of technical assistance, armed personnel, financial services or funds, or brokering services where such provisions enables or facilitates the conduct of military activities by the Belarusian military or other military end-users connected with Belarus.

Financial sanctions

The amendments:

  • Widen the existing ban on dealing with financial instruments, transferable securities or money market instruments and providing loans and credit arrangements to a range of people / entities connected with Belarus or to the Government of Belarus.
  • New prohibition on the provision of financial services in relation to foreign exchange reserve and asset management to The National Bank of Belarus, the Ministry of Finance of Belarus and related entities.


For full details of the amendments please click here and details of the new measures can be found here.