UK adopts further Russian sanctions

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The UK has introduced amendments to its Russia Regulations, which impose prohibitions and requirements in relation to trade sanctions measures. The amendments also include new measures (not limited to) in relation to trade:
  • Maritime goods and maritime technology in certain circumstances (regulation 5);
  • military goods and technology with non-government controlled Ukrainian territory (as specified in new Chapter 2A of Part 5);
  • defence and security goods and technology (as specified in Parts 2 to 4 of new Schedule 3C);
  • jet fuel and fuel additives (as specified in an addition to Part 8 of Schedule 2A); and
  • goods which generate significant revenues for Russia (as specified in new Schedule 3D).

Amendments to the Regulations include:

  • Additional prohibitions relating to trade in ancillary services relating to iron and steels goods
  • updated list of oil and refining goods and technology and list of energy-related goods


Further details of the new measures and amendments to existing parts can be found here.