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Liability insurance for yacht owners, operators and managers
Our correspondents are located around the world Our correspondents are located around the world
Our correspondents are available to offer assistance and guidance to our Members wherever their trading operations take them.


The Shipowners’ Club has in-depth knowledge of the risks and liabilities you face when operating your fleet, borne from over 160 years of experience in providing Protection and Indemnity (P&I) cover, Legal Costs Cover and associated insurances.

As market leader, we insure over 33,000 small and specialist vessels across the globe. Every year, 95% of our Members choose to stay with us, and our top 25 Members hold an average of 24 years’ continuous entry; testament to our ability to serve Members’ best interests and respond to changing needs.

We have a wide spread of Members across a range of vessel types, operating sectors and geographical areas. This diversification delivers stability, allowing us to enjoy a strong balance sheet and an A rating from Standard & Poor’s.

Referred to as a P&I Club, Shipowners’ is one of thirteen Clubs which make up the International Group, insuring over 90% of the world’s tonnage.

Latest news and insight

  • Specialist Offshore Package – Basic

    The Club is pleased to inform Members of changes to the Basic Specialist Offshore Package 2018/19.

  • Specialist Offshore Package – Enhanced

    The Club is pleased to inform Members of changes to the Enhanced Specialist Offshore Package 2018/19.

  • Crowd and crisis management

    Effective crowd and crisis management is paramount in managing an emergency on board passenger vessels. In the event of an emergency, passenger vessels face additional challenges to that of other vessel types, due to the added risk associated with passengers and therefore, crew need to be more vigilant and show greater awareness of the risks that are faced. To manage behaviour in a crisis, it is first necessary to understand the roles and rules of passengers and crew separately.

  • Psychological Wellbeing at Sea – Translations

    In partnership with the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) the Club has published a series of Good Mental Health Guides to raise awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing on board.

  • Avoiding crew and passenger related incidents

    The Club is frequently notified of claims related to personal injury of crew, passengers and third parties on board vessels. Mindful of the changes under English law to the compensation for future loss of earnings or future care of said parties, also known as the ‘discount rate’, the Club wishes to draw Members’ attention to preventative measures which can be implemented to mitigate against such claims.

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  • Continuing Warranty of Seaworthiness

    The Managers are aware that, from time to time, Members have been offered contractual terms with counterparties that require the shipowner to provide a continuing warranty of seaworthiness for the entire duration of the voyage.

  • New charterparty clause promoting the use of Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement 1996, as amended September 2011

    Reference is made to circular issued in May 2016 referring Members to the Inter-Club New York Produce Exchange Agreement 1996 (the “ICA”), as amended in September 2011, that provides a mechanism whereby liability for cargo claims arising under the New York Produce Exchange Form (NYPE) or Asbatime charterparties and/or contracts of carriage authorised under such charterparties can be swiftly and fairly apportioned between owners and charterers.

  • Fiona Pounds: When does a fixture become binding?

    Parties in more procedurally conservative jurisdictions can be surprised at the ease with which a binding contract can be created under English law. In the context of charterparty (c/p) negotiations, it is generally the case that an agreement will be deemed binding prior to a formal charter being drawn up and signed. Sometimes a charter document is never created, and the parties rely entirely on their email exchanges as evidence of their contractual terms.

  • The Shipowners’ Club reports underwriting result in line with expectations

    The Shipowners’ Club, the leading P&I insurer in the smaller and specialist vessel sector, has reported financial results for the six months ended 30 June 2018. The Club recorded a 106.4% combined ratio, which was in line with expectations and underlines the Club’s support for its Members.

  • Jonathan Turner: Superyacht aviation considerations

    Operating helicopters in the maritime environment is challenging. There are numerous potential hazards and risks that should be considered fully, to ensure they are mitigated sufficiently to achieve the ultimate aim of providing safe and efficient helicopter operations for the owner/charterer.

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