Introducing the CTRL benefit clause Introducing the CTRL benefit clause
Introducing the CTRL benefit clause
A guide to offshore jurisdiction A guide to offshore jurisdiction
A guide to offshore jurisdiction
Yachtowners Yachtowners
Liability insurance for yacht owners, operators and managers
Our correspondents are located around the world Our correspondents are located around the world
Our correspondents are available to offer assistance and guidance to our Members wherever their trading operations take them.
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The Shipowners’ Club has in-depth knowledge of the risks and liabilities you face when operating your fleet, borne from over 160 years of experience in providing Protection and Indemnity (P&I) cover, Legal Costs Cover and associated insurances.

As market leader, we insure over 32,000 small and specialist vessels across the globe. Every year, 95% of our members choose to stay with us, and our top 25 members hold an average of 24 years’ continuous entry; testament to our ability to serve Members’ best interests and respond to changing needs.

We have a wide spread of members across a range of vessel types, operating sectors and geographical areas. This diversification delivers stability, allowing us to enjoy a strong balance sheet and A-rated financial security from A. M. Best and Standard & Poor’s.

Referred to as a P&I Club, Shipowners’ is one of thirteen Clubs which make up the International Group, insuring over 90% of the world’s tonnage.

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  • Jamie Robinson: Performance guarantees

    Legal Costs Cover (LCC) is often used by Members to support the recovery of unpaid hire or other sums from defaulting charterers. Sometimes there is a genuine dispute about whether the sums are due. Often, however, the real issue is getting the charterers to pay when they do not have visible assets or they are based in a difficult jurisdiction.

  • Implementing risk assessments

    The Club is beginning a year-long project to assist Members in incorporating a risk assessment ethos into their on board operating procedures.

  • Crew health: Advice for safe sex

    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are extremely common – it is estimated that up to 75% of sexually active people will contract an STI of some kind in their life time. The likelihood of seafarers contracting an STI is further increased, due to their unsettled lifestyles and the lack of information provided about preventative measures.

  • Canada – New compulsory insurance scheme for passenger vessels

    Proposed new Federal regulations dealing with compulsory insurance of passenger vessels under the Canadian Marine Liability Act were issued by the Government of Canada in December 2016.

  • Executive Order on immigration affects vessel crews

    On January 27, 2017 President Trump issued an Executive Order (E.O.) entitled Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States. This E.O. will impact vessels calling in the U.S. with crew members on board who are citizens of Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Libya.

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