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Liability insurance for yacht owners, operators and managers


The Shipowners’ Club has in-depth knowledge of the risks and liabilities you face when operating your fleet, borne from over 160 years of experience in providing Protection and Indemnity (P&I) cover, Legal Costs Cover and associated insurances.

As market leader, we insure over 33,000 small and specialist vessels across the globe.

We have a wide spread of Members across a range of vessel types, operating sectors and geographical areas. This diversification delivers stability, allowing us to enjoy a strong balance sheet and an A rating from Standard & Poor’s.

We are one of the 13 P&I Clubs which make up the International Group, collectively insuring over 90% of the world’s ocean-going tonnage.

Latest news and insight

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) – FAQs on Club cover

    The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought about exceptionally challenging trading conditions and the Club is committed to supporting Members through this difficult time. To this end, the Club has produced the following guidance which addresses some of the most frequently asked questions from our experience to date.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): Latest information and updates

    Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

  • Coronavirus — Singapore branch temporary closure

    The ongoing development of COVID-19 requires that we regularly review our day to day operational practices. From 6 April, following Government instruction, the Singapore branch of the Club will temporarily close with all staff working remotely. This follows the temporary closure of our London branch last month.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19): Crew health and wellbeing

    The global shipping industry is currently facing a health and wealth crisis as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst most are adapting to working from home, many seafarers continue to carry out their valuable work at sea to keep global trade moving.

  • Robert Shearer: The CMA CGM LIBRA — Court of appeal update

    There is now a binding English Law precedent that passage planning can affect a vessel’s seaworthiness. It creates more certainty about what exactly can render a vessel unseaworthy and the decision also reaffirms the non-delegable nature of the duty of seaworthiness at the commencement of a voyage.

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  • Coronavirus: Challenges in meeting operational and regulatory requirements

    The Club understands that in view of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, owners and managers are facing challenges in meeting various statutory requirements.

  • A guide to offshore jurisdiction

    The 2020 update produced with the assistance of CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd, answers key questions for 21 jurisdictions, covering international conventions and liability regimes, legal frameworks and court systems including industry standard contracts, knock for knock provisions, fines, time bars and more. This information has been compiled with the assistance of leading legal practitioners in each jurisdiction.

  • Coronavirus — London branch temporary closure

    From 16 March, following UK Government advice, the London branch of the Club will temporarily close with all London staff working remotely. Despite the London branch closure, it remains very much business as usual with all staff able to service our Members and their brokers remotely. Our focus will remain towards offering the highest service levels and fundamentally supporting our Membership with their claims, operational liabilities and providing their insurance solutions.

  • Cameron Shepherd: Legal Costs Cover and IMO 2020

    The Club anticipates that the implementation of the Global Sulphur Cap will result in an increased number of commercial disputes between Members and associated parties, including charterers, bunker suppliers, and fitters of scrubbers and the costs associated with such disputes can be high. The Club’s Legal Costs Cover (LCC) provides cover for Members’ legal fees and other related costs, in pursuing or resisting claims which arise out of these disputes.

  • Club Rules 2020

    The Club Rules are here to help you navigate the terms and conditions of your cover so you can be sure of what your membership to the Club entails. This year there have been a number of updates to the Rules which we would like to draw your attention to. These are listed in the front of the Rule book

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