Club insurance cover

Traditional P&I insurance

  • Rules based cover
  • Includes liability insurance in relation to cargo, collision, damage to/loss of property, people (including crew and passengers), pollution, towage and wreck removal
  • Available with the highest P&I limits (not less than USD 6 billion)
  • Also available on a fixed premium basis with limits up to USD 500 million for smaller vessels up to 1,000 GT

Additional insurance, non-traditional P&I cover can include

Plain language liability insurance on a fixed premium basis

This can include…

  • 4/4ths collision liability and the ability to offer limits up to USD 1 billion
  • Fishing vessels (third party nets, commercial diving, fines, towage and wreck removal)
  • Passenger vessels/tour boats (gangways, off-vessel excursions, passengers/third parties). Available for vessels under 1,000 GT and carrying up to 500 passengers
  • Dive boats (crew personal effects, divers and dive instructors, no fly time waiting periods, use of dive-related products, off-vessel excursions, recreational diving)
  • Yachts ( chartering, guests, pre/post-delivery crew risks, racing, tenders, water sports, worldwide cover).