Bulletin: Unsafe carriage of oil cargo in non-designated spaces

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Further to our earlier bulletin of 14/04/2014 regarding the unsafe carriage of oil cargo in non-designated spaces, the Club has been made aware of further cases of vessels found to be carrying oil in non-designated spaces to supplement the designed bunker carrying capacity.

In our earlier bulletin we had indicated this unsafe practice was noticed especially on tugs and crew boats, however we understand that this has become more widespread to include vessels whose trading pattern keeps them out at sea for prolonged periods.

We would like to reiterate to our Members that such activities are highly unsafe and that non-designated spaces are not equipped, or certified, for the safe carriage of oil. The carriage of oil in these spaces would greatly endanger the safety of the crew, the vessel itself as well as the environment.

We therefore draw our Members’ attention to our earlier bulletin of 14/04/2014 on the subject matter which provides further details on the dangers associated with carriage of oil in non-designated spaces. It is highly recommend that this information is disseminated onto the vessels to ensure that spaces are not utilised in contravention of their certified design.

Read our earlier bulletin, unsafe carriage of oil cargo in non-designated spaces.