Cyber Security

With the growing threat of cyber attacks on vessels and operators, a strong cyber security plan is an essential part of any vessel management system. The Club has a range of guidance available on how to ensure vessels are well prepared to prevent attacks.

Cyber security on board

The Club has produced the following articles to assist Members with improving their cyber security plans and raise cyber awareness on board vessels:

ISM Cyber Security

Cyber Security Guidelines for Vessel 

Cyber Guidance for Crew

Cyber Security on Tankers (OCIMF– Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA))

Webinar: Maritime Cyber Security

Infographic: Is Your Vessel Cyber Secure?

Secure State Cyber

Secure State Cyber have been specialising in information and cyber security since 2005. Their mission is to create security for everyone within the digital space. Their consultants are specialists in information security and come from a diverse range of academic backgrounds, including civil engineering, computer systems, law with specialty integrity protection, cognitive science, civil economics and computer networking.

In collaboration with Secure State Cyber, the Club have released a series of short FAQ articles identifying common cyber risks on board and what actions Members can take to ensure the security of their vessels.

Be Cyber Aware at Sea

The Club is proud to support Be Cyber Aware at Sea – a global maritime and offshore industry initiative to raise awareness of cyber threats to international shipping ports and offshore operations.:

External Resources

Industry Guidelines on Cyber Security On Board Ships.

IACS Requirements on Cyber Resilience of Ships


For more information or if you require further assistance, please contact the Loss Prevention team