Fishing vessel safety booklet

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Since the Club released the Fishing Vessel Safety booklet in 2014, we have continued to be notified of incidents involving personal injury on board fishing vessels, which accounts for 10% of personal injury claims notified to the Club totaling a cost of US$ 3m. Due to the continued need for risk management and mitigation in this demanding industry the Club is releasing a revised version of this guidance booklet.

It is well documented through studies and claims incidents that fishing is an inherently hazardous sector in the maritime industry, due to the nature of the work on board. This booklet aims to provide updated basic guidance and increase the safety awareness of crew for the safe operation of fishing vessels and covers topics including safety and risk assessments, maintenance, safety equipment, hazards associated with fishing operations and stability amongst others. This revised edition now includes pre-departure and risk checklist pro-formas.

This booklet has also been translated into Dutch.