Meet the Loss Prevention team

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The Loss Prevention mission is to prevent incidents that could result in a claim. We achieve this through

  • Supporting Members and brokers with operational and technical matters
  • Offering bespoke loss prevention services
  • Providing 24/7 cover delivered by representatives located in the London and Singapore branches
  • Supervision of the mutually beneficial Condition Survey Programme
  • Ability to represent Members on a number of industry committees/ forums
  • Providing technical advice, training and seminars and
  • Producing relevant, topical publications and risk mitigation initiatives.

All Members are entitled to receive these value added benefits, at no extra cost, as it forms part of their P&I cover.

The team itself has a wealth of seafaring and shore side experience in the maritime sector, with knowledge of many on board operations from a variety of vessel types. This ensures that the information and advice provided is developed from acquired knowledge and tailored to address individual Members concerns.

For more information or if you require further assistance, please contact the Loss Prevention team.