Refrigeration on Fishing Vessels

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Refrigeration on Fishing Vessels – A Briefing

Refrigeration systems are installed and used on a large number of fishing vessels worldwide. The size of these plants varies depending on purpose and application, but can be on an almost industrial scale, particularly on vessels which freeze or process their catch on board.

Incidents involving refrigeration systems have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries to a significant number of fishing vessel crew stevedores or other shoreside staff who may be on board the vessel.

This briefing looks at some of the hazards presented by refrigeration plants with a review of previous incidents, followed by loss prevention observations and suggestions.

A poster has also been produced regarding refrigeration on fishing vessels. Click here to download the poster.

This loss prevention briefing has been produced in collaboration with The North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association, initiated by a shared commitment to improving fishing vessel safety and the prevention of injuries to crew and shore personnel.