Seafarers’ health and wellbeing remains a key priority for the Club as a significant number of crew illness related claims continue to be reported. Many of these claims were found to be a result of pre-existing or congenital illnesses, such as heart related problems and in certain cases, the situation became life-threatening, owing to the remote trading area of the vessel and the lack of adequate evacuation facilities in the vicinity. In addition to the challenges in providing immediate medical assistance, these scenarios also inflict stress and trauma on seafarers’ families who must wait anxiously for news and updates during the time it takes for professional medical assistance to respond.

The Club’s investigations into the causation of such incidents revealed that a total of 21 types of illness have resulted in claims over the last five policy years. Of these illnesses, at least 10 could have been detected sooner had the seafarer undergone an enhanced pre-employment medical examination (EPEME).

To address these concerns, the Club has developed its own Medical Enhancement Scheme for Seafarers (Medisea), which employs the same checks and tests as an EPEME, for seafarers serving on board our Members’ vessels. However, unlike other EPEMEs, Medisea also makes additional considerations to ensure the positive mental health and wellbeing of seafarers. These additional tests make the Medisea examination more comprehensive and extensive than other standard statutory medical examinations as required by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 and any other industry medicals that maybe undertaken (e.g. Oil and Gas UK).

It is envisaged that Medisea examination will become a primary solution for advanced detection of pre-existing or congenital illnesses and prevents seafarers who are not fully fit and able, from joining on board employment.

To maintain the quality and integrity of the Medisea programme and to ensure consistency and accountability, only clinics accredited by the Club should be utilised. Clinics are only approved when they have successfully passed a detailed audit by a trained medical practitioner experienced in such programmes. Listed clinics are audited annually to ensure optimum standards are maintained.

Further information about the Medisea programme can be found via the resources below and on the right hand side.


Medisea Circular – English

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Medisea Bulletin – Bahasa

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Esther Chong

Medisea Liaison Officer

Office tel No: +65 6593 0420
DDI: +65 6593 0444

Having come from a sales and shipping logistics background, Esther joined the Club in August 2017. When the Club rolled out its Medisea (ePEME) program in September 2018, Esther joined the team as a Medisea Administrator. Esther primarily assists with the day to day running of the program including liaising with the panel clinics, Brokers and Members.

Captain Hari Subramaniam

Regional Head – Business Relations and Medisea

Office tel No: +65 6593 0420
DDI: +65 6593 0437
Mobile No: +65 9320 8728

Hari has over 17 years’ seagoing experience including three years as Master on a wide range of vessels including VLCCs, gas and chemical carriers as well as offshore vessels. In addition to a Master Mariner’s licence, Hari also has an MBA in International Management and Human Resources and is a qualified ISO 9001/ISM Lead auditor as well a navigational assessor. He also holds the post of the Vice-President of The Nautical Institute (Singapore branch)  and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS London). Hari came ashore to head the Commercial and Operations department of an Indian shipping company which chartered, operated and managed bulk carriers, offshore vessels, tugs and barges. He has also been involved in towing and salvage operations. Prior to joining Shipowners Hari helped set up and head the operations department of an offshore company in Singapore which owned and operated AHTSVs and PSVs.  Hari brings with him a combination of expertise with main stream vessels as well as offshore vessels.

After spending over 10 years with the Club’s Loss Prevention department, Hari has now assumed a larger role as the Club’s Regional Head – Business Relations & Medisea whereby he will facilitate deeper engagement with key industry stakeholders to conceptualize programmes to improve safety awareness and risk management ethos as well as lead the Club’s Medical Enhancement Scheme for Seafarers (Medisea – Epeme)