Club Rules 2023

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This year’s publication is digital only, allowing you instant access and improved navigation.

The Club Rules are here to help you navigate the terms and conditions of your cover so you can be sure of what your membership to the Club entails. This year there have been a number of updates to the Rules which we would like to draw your attention to. These are listed in the front of the Rule book.

The Club Rules are also available to download for offline viewing using the links above.

Content includes:

  • Basis of cover
  • P&I risks covered
  • Legal Costs Cover
  • Claims procedures
  • Limitations and exclusions
  • Entry for and cesser of insurance
  • Calls and finance
  • Administrative procedures
  • Notes to the Rules including recommended indemnity wordings

The Club Rules 2023 are for the policy year running from noon GMT on 20 February 2023 to noon GMT on 20 February 2024.