Celebrating 160 years of the Shipowners' Club Celebrating 160 years of the Shipowners' Club
This year marks 160 years of the Shipowners' Club. Take a walk through our history.
Case Study: Bora5 barge towed into Dutch bridge Case Study: Bora5 barge towed into Dutch bridge
On 23 April 2012 our Member’s non self-propelled barge, Bora5, was towed along canals from Schagen to Den Helder by two tugs, Emeraldine and Hardine. At the conclusion of the towage it was reported that the barge had struck a bridge that crosses the canal.
CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd
CTRL Marine Solutions Ltd launches bespoke Claims, Technical, Risk and Legal service
Yachtowners Yachtowners
Liability insurance for yacht owners, operators and managers
Our correspondents are located around the world Our correspondents are located around the world
Our correspondents are available to offer assistance and guidance to our Members wherever their trading operations take them.
Broking cpompanies Broking cpompanies
We work with more than 600 broking companies globally providing flexible P&I insurance to the owners and operators of vessels

Welcome to the Shipowners' Club

The Shipowners’ Club has in-depth knowledge of the risks and liabilities you face when operating your fleet, borne from over 160 years of experience in providing Protection and Indemnity (P&I) cover, Legal Assistance and Defence cover and associated insurances.

As market leader, we insure over 32,000 small and specialist vessels across the globe. Every year, 95% of our members choose to stay with us, and our top 25 members hold an average of 24 years’ continuous entry; testament to our ability to serve Members’ best interests and respond to changing needs.

We have a wide spread of members across a range of vessel types, operating sectors and geographical areas. This diversification delivers stability, allowing us to enjoy a strong balance sheet and A-rated financial security from A. M. Best and Standard & Poor’s.

Referred to as a P&I Club, Shipowners’ is one of thirteen Clubs which make up the International Group, insuring over 90% of the world’s tonnage.

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  • BIMCO Anti-Corruption Clause

    In recent years, there have been significant developments in worldwide anti-corruption legislation. A good example of this under English law is the controversial Bribery Act 2010. The development in anti-corruption legislation has led to a number of anti-corruption rider clauses being inserted into charterparties and other such contracts.

  • Iran Trading – Increased limit of fall-back cover

    As previously notified, the International Group has bought “fall-back” cover, which is designed to respond to reinsurance recovery shortfalls that would result from the inability of US-domiciled reinsurers on the Group GXL and Hydra reinsurance programmes to make payments due to the continuing application of US primary sanctions, for the 2016/17 policy year.

  • Bulletin: Zika virus information

    Zika virus is a mosquito-borne virus spread to people primarily by Aedes mosquitoes. The most commonly known symptoms of Zika virus are headache, fever, rash, joint pain, and inflammation on the underside of the eyelid however there are further symptoms being reported such as neurological disorders which could lead to paralysis and death. The virus is known to circulate in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

  • Cyber security guidelines for vessels

    With the development of technology on board vessels it is becoming increasingly important for Members to be able to identify and respond, by way of procedures and appropriate actions, to cyber risk.

  • Customary Trade Allowance and the importance of accuracy in Bills of Lading

    Claims for loss of or damage to cargo are one of the most common categories of claims dealt with by P&I Clubs. A common feature of such claims is the debate around whether or not any cargo shortage falls within the ‘trade allowance’. This article briefly reviews the origins of the defence, the extent to which it can be relied upon, and some important points to remember regarding Club cover.

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