Liability insurance for all types of harbour craft

Ports are populated by a profusion of small vessels. Our Members operate thousands of these vessels, providing a range of essential harbour services in ever more specialised and efficient ways.

We understand the risks faced daily by harbour craft operators. A greater incidence of berthing and unberthing outside the traditional harbour environment means that many harbour tugs may face wider liabilities than before. Accordingly, we are always happy to review towage contracts for our Members. We also realise that harbour operators must consider crew employment contracts, pollution risks and liability to third party personnel and property on board.

The Shipowners’ Club can offer both standard and wide-ranging insurance for harbour craft. We can also provide additional covers to reflect the specific nature of individual operators. Working closely with Members and their brokers, we always strive to provide the best possible insurance protection.

In this sector our Members operate many types of harbour craft. This can include: crane and construction vessels, dredgers, pilot vessels, tugs, utility craft and workboats.

For more information, see your broker or contact us at info@shipownersclub.com

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