Liability insurance for cruise vessels, ferries and tour boats

We support the owners of thousands of vessels around the world carrying passengers locally for work or pleasure. This includes ferries operating in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the UK; excursion boats on Canada’s Great Lakes, off the Great Barrier Reef in the Galapagos and around the Caribbean. Wherever there are passengers, there are liabilities. At the Shipowners’ Club we work to provide Members with secure and appropriate cover for the risks they face.

We realise that legal liabilities can emerge even when passengers are not on board. Our comprehensive cover starts as soon as passengers purchase a ticket, and includes off-board excursions. Different jurisdictions demand different levels of insurance. We understand this and know how local regulations and litigation experience can affect the operations of our Members. Working closely with passenger vessel owners and their brokers we strive to provide a high quality of claims and underwriting support. Our plain language passenger vessel insurance is one of the most comprehensive available.

Our Members operate various types of passenger vessels, including: high speed ferries, luxury motor yachts, short cruise vessels, traditional harbour ferries, tour boats and vehicle ferries.

In addition to passenger vessel cover, we also provide a specialist Dive Boat liability insurance in response to Member and broker need.