Liability insurance for barges

There are many types of barge, from open-top barges carrying coal or containers to semi-submersibles using buoyancy for heavy lifts. Barges are used to hold cranes, lay pipes, transport unusual objects or they may house workers on an oil rig. With such diversity, we are conscious of the need to work closely with vessel owners and operators, along with their brokers to ensure that the most appropriate insurance is in place for the risks involved.

At Shipowners’ we insure over 6,000 barges worldwide and understand the risks faced daily by operators. We advise Members on using the correct contracts and how to minimise exposure to cargo and property claims. We also provide specialist operations cover for laying pipes, operating pile drivers or conducting any activity that may affect the sea bed.

Our Members operate a wide range of barges, including accommodation, bulk, container, crane, general purpose, heavy-lift submersible, lighter, pontoon, pile-driving, pontoon and tank.