Corporate Responsibility

Every policy or strategic initiative instituted by the Board and implemented by management is done in the best interest of the Club’s Members.

A key part of the Club’s profile is the unique and specialist nature of its Members’ operations undertaken in every corner of the globe. Our aim has always been to offer products and services which are relevant to our Members’ operations, and which meet the exacting demands of our ever-expanding Membership. Every decision of the Club’s Board and management upholds the Club’s Core Values, Mission and underpinning Vision of – Ensuring Peace of Mind.

We truly strive to achieve a Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy that will add value to our organisation’s activities by ensuring that our operations not only avoid having a negative effect but in fact benefit the environment, society and the economy. We have been working closely with our stakeholders to create a positive impact by establishing and maintaining a proactive approach that will further our interests and those of the wider society, whilst always being guided by the fundamental principle of keeping the unique operations of our Members at the front and centre in all that we do.

The Club’s CR journey has only just begun and as we look to its development, we will continue to be transparent, engage with our stakeholders, and seek opportunities to create value for the benefit of all as we embrace a more sustainable future.

Environmental, Social and Governance

The Club is proud to present its first Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report which is available to view/download here.

The Report details the Club’s journey so far and highlights the progress that has been made to establish and ensure the foundations of an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework are integrated into our CR strategy, business processes and governance framework to assist in sustaining the business into the future.

You can read more about our ESG framework and the initiatives we have introduced via the links below:


Corporate Responsibility Working Group

Louise Hall

Director Loss Prevention/Corporate Responsibility


































Ellie Bailey
Head of Marketing

Daniel Fryett
Actuarial Manager

Sarah Chamberlain
Risk and Compliance Manager
















Charlie Weatherill
Underwriter, Europe and Africa

Shev Algama
Claims Manager – Europe and Africa

Oliver Shelmerdine 
Underwriter, Americas