Enclosed Space Entry

Entry into an enclosed space is a critical operation which, if not carried out diligently, can seriously jeopardise the safety of the personnel involved.

According to the International Group of P&I Clubs, there were 83 deaths in enclosed spaces during the 2015 to 2019 policy years.

The resources provided below have been produced by the Club to assist Members and crew with preventing such incidents from occurring.

Sample Entry into Enclosed Spaces Risk Assessment Form

Enclosed Space Entry Booklet

Enclosed Space Entry Poster


Resources from The International Group of P&I Clubs

Full Enclosed Space Entry Animation

Stop, Think, Stay Alive:

Scenarios of the Enclosed Space Entry Animation

These individual scenarios may be used as learning tools or aids.

External Pressure:

External pressure to get a job done can and does lead to fatal accidents. Fully assess the risks involved and do not undertake a task unless there is sufficient time and resources to complete it safely.

Time Pressure:

Do not rush safety related tasks, rush a safety-critical job or miss safety critical steps due to time pressure.

Procedures, Practices and Equipment:

Best practice and safety equipment are provided to keep you safe on board; don’t take your safety for granted no matter how experienced you are. Always comply with the correct safety protocols.

Unsafe Situations:

Everyone is responsible for safety; it’s essential you speak up and stop the job if you think something is unsafe.

Emergency Drills:

Nobody knows how they will respond to an emergency. It’s vital to rely on the training you have received; don’t die by neglecting your own safety.

Preparation and Communication:

Everyone involved needs to be confident of what is happening, that they are experienced enough to do the job and what the emergency responses are; don’t presume every task will go without incident.