Fishing vessel safety advice

Fishing is widely considered to be one of the most challenging and hazardous occupations in the world. Fishers often need to work outdoors in heavy weather conditions on wet decks operating machinery, equipment, wires and lines. Such operational hazards can make the possibility of crew injury on fishing vessels higher when compared to other vessel types. From 2017 to 2021, Club data shows that personal injury incidents accounted for 51% of the claims on entered fishing vessels.

The Club has produced and shared the following resources to assist with the prevention of incidents on board fishing vessels.

Fishing vessel safety booklet

Risk assessment

Refrigeration on fishing vessels

Recommendations for crews on fishing vessels

Guidance for fishing vessel owners operating in the vicinity of subsea cables

Subsea Cables – Preventing and minimising claims against fishing vessels.

‘SAFE by Design’ – Safety posters for fishing vessels

Case Studies

Severe injury from exposure to ammonia

Regular inspection of life saving appliances

Abandoned fishing vessel with subsequent loss of life

Carbon monoxide poisoning on fishing vessels