For as long as there have been vessels at sea, piracy has posed a threat to shipowners and their crews. Piracy hotspots and piracy methods have changed over the years, with the advice available to shipowners and masters needing to evolve in order to keep pace.

Industry leading organisations, including the International Group of P&I Clubs, have pooled together to develop the Best Management Practice (BMP) guides, which are used extensively throughout the industry and feature advice on: conducting risk assessments, implementing ship protection measures and reporting piracy incidents. The latest version of the BMP guidance can be found here.

The release of BMP 5 coincided with the launching of the Maritime Global Security website, which provides geographically arranged information on piracy. In addition, it also contains guidance on the following security risks: cyber and electromagnetic emissions, migration, stowaways, smuggling and armed conflict and war.

The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre page is also a useful source for Members; and provides masters’ and their crews a live piracy map and report as well providing the contact details for the 24-hour Maritime Security Hotline.

In addition, the Club has produced its own piracy guidance, which includes piracy FAQs and advice specific to different geographical areas.

Club Piracy Content:

Surge in Piracy Attacks

Piracy FAQs

Humanitarian support of seafarers and their families in cases of armed robbery and piracy attack

Piracy in Southeast Asia

Reporting Guidance for vessels transiting the Arabian Gulf (AG), Straits of Hormuz (SoH) and Gulf of Oman (GOO)

Industry links:

Best Management Practices for West Africa (download pdf)


Global Counter Piracy Guidance

Maritime Global Security

IMB Piracy & Armed Robbery Map

IMSC Bridge Reference Cards

Industry Update Following Incident in the Persian Gulf (January 2021) 


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