Risk assessments

Working on board a ship often exposes seafarers to a variety of work-related accidents and incidents. In most cases, these may have been easily avoided had a proper risk assessment been undertaken.

The Club has identified some routine shipboard tasks which have given rise to avoidable claims and, on the basis of these, will be publishing monthly sample risk assessments to advise Members on how to mitigate such claims.

While the Club acknowledges that many Members already have a formal risk assessment process in place these examples, which are provided for guidance purposes only, will be of benefit to those who may not have the shore side management infrastructure in place and therefore may not have access to such procedures. The Club emphasizes that this guidance is not to undermine or replace the company’s safety management policies or any applicable statutory regulations.

Implementing risk assessments
Risk assessment form
Passenger vessels risk assessment
Mooring operations risk assessment
Fishing operations risk assessment
Container operations risk assessment
Bunker operations risk assessment
Oil tanker operations risk assessment
Tug and barge towing operations risk assessment
Entry into enclosed spaces risk assessment: